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PREA Report

In 2013, the PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) National Standards, which became final on August 20, 2012, were in effect in all eleven facilities operated by the subsidiary and affiliated companies of Avalon Correctional Services, Inc. (collectively, "Avalon"). PREA (Public Law 108-79) was enacted as a mechanism to address the problem of sexual assaults in correctional facilities. After the new PREA standards became effective, Avalon moved to ensure that they were implemented, staff were properly trained, and policies and procedures were put in place for the continued monitoring and oversight of compliance efforts.

Pursuant to 28 CFR § 115.88, Avalon is providing this 2014 PREA Annual Report and making the report available to the public through this website. Avalon is fortunate to report that it experienced no allegations of any PREA incidents in 2014. Avalon has zero tolerance for any sexual misconduct, assault, abuse or harassment in its facilities.

Although no incidents were reported in 2014, any PREA allegations will be taken seriously, thoroughly investigated and reviewed in accordance with 28 CFR § 115.86, and the appropriate action taken. Violations of the PREA policy must be reported immediately. Any employee witnessing or having knowledge regarding a possible PREA violation should report the allegation immediately. Staff members failing to report PREA violations will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Avalon Correction Inc. is committed to meeting the requirements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 and enhancing the safety and security for Avalon residents as a result thereof. This report is a summary of the agency’s efforts in PREA compliance. By examining the collection and aggregation of agency data Avalon is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of sexual abuse detection, prevention, and response. Management of Avalon continues to implement best practice and the requirements of the PREA standards in order to address allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of offenders. Leadership of the Avalon is dedicated to on-going monitoring and corrective action in order to reach full PREA compliance and most importantly to maximize the sexual safety of residents inside our residential facilities.

As an agency, Avalon is steadily and continually making progress toward systemic change that fully integrates the intent of the PREA standards and the highest level of sexual safety. Avalon is committed to continual and progressive culture change and continues to implement the requirements of the PREA standards and make adjustments on an on-going basis. Avalon currently maintains working agreement with several community agencies’ to provide physical and mental health services for individuals who had been sexually assaulted in our facilities. These agreements are located in Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.