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Halfway House Reintegration Services

Why reintegration services matter?

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Halfway houses are where offenders receive true help reintegrating into society.

Halfway houses lower recidivism. The national average for recidivism (the rate of released offenders who re-offend and are re-incarcerated within three years of release) is 50%. After successful completion of Avalon’s HH program, that rate drops to 12-18%.

Halfway house beds are the most cost effective beds. Not only do these facilities give offenders the best chance for successful reintegration into society, but they also save millions of dollars in State budgets.

In Oklahoma, the average cost of a medium security bed is $61.71 per day per inmate. A halfway house bed costs the State $45 per day. Additionally, offenders at our facilities pay an average of $10 per day from their earnings back into the Department of Corrections.

Oklahoma has the highest rate of female incarceration in the country.


About Community Corrections

What is "Community Corrections"?

"Community corrections" is a broad term used to describe numerous community-centric forms of correctional services, including residential reentry facilities, drug courts, treatment centers, and many others. At Avalon, our community corrections efforts focus on residential reentry centers, also known as "halfway houses." In Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, our halfway houses and local, community partners provide men and women with the skills, guidance, knowledge, and resources necessary to successfully make the transition from incarceration to free society. We provide housing, food, counseling, training, and many other services to those in our care. Our goal is that they will experience productive, rewarding lives upon their return to society.

Treatment and Programs

Avalon has extensive treatment and programming experience. The Avalon residential treatment programs utilize in-house certified and licensed treatment teams for substance abuse and mental health treatment services, individual and group counseling. The residents, Case Mangers, and the Clinical Team work collaboratively to address and accomplish the goals of the residents assessed needs.

Our experience in counseling and treatment programs include, Individual, Group and Family Counseling, Substance Abuse Education and Counseling, Anger Management, Vocational Assessments, 90-day Transitional Programs, Strategies for Self Improvement and Change, Community Living Skills, Drug and Alcohol, Relapse Prevention, Meth Recovery, Women’s and Men’s Social Skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, General Educational and Literacy Assistance, Employment Readiness Development, Life Skills Education, HIV Education, Therapeutic Treatment Programs, Family and Parenting, and Money Management/Budgeting/Shopping.

Avalon provides a range of assessments that include:

ASUS (Adult Substance Use Survey), SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory), and DUI Assessments. Additional assessments include the Standardized Offender Assessment Revised (SOA-R), Level of Supervision Inventory (LSI), Adult Substance Use Survey (ASUS), Simple Screening Instrument-Revised (SSI-R), Treatment Recommendation Worksheet (TxRW), and the State Mental Health Screen for Adults. Avalon’s Treatment Programs also provide Client Progress Staffing Meetings per week, and offer a more intensive Clinical Therapeutic Treatment program.

Avalon operates within the guidelines of operating policies, and contract requirements but also to over 400 strict performance guidelines developed by the American Correctional Association. As well as the requirements of federal, state and local government contracts.

Halfway House Locations

Our Mission: To break the cycle of crime by providing proven reintegration services.
We believe that change is possible.


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